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Everything you need to know regarding cell grading.

Many resellers of pre-made lithium batteries and raw cells like to tell you what you are buying is genuine A Grade cells, And this may be true, however there is also a sliding scale within this, A+ and A-. If they claim Grade A+ cells, ask for the report

Grade A+: Automotive Grade, Brand new uncycled cells  The most consistent of cells, capacity matched and always over rated AH, Always includes Test report from the genuine manufacturer (If you don't receive the manufacturers test report with your cells they are not genuine Grade A+) Genuine Grade A+ cells are not generally necessary for energy storage applications, These Cells are suited to EV projects, however some buyers demand the highest of quality so we do offer this option.

Grade A- : Solar Storage Grade, Brand new uncycled cells, The most popular Grade for cost vs quality, Not quite as consistent as Grade A+ but still an extremely high quality cell, likely did not meet the extremely tight spec for electric vehicles, Which most of the time is due to tiny cosmetic imperfections most of us will struggle to find, perfectly suited for off grid solar applications and energy storage, not capacity matched but generally within 2-8 AH of one another, generally still meet or exceed rated AH

Grade C: Often Used cells, do not meet capacity or Internal resistance testing, high inconsistency, Physically damaged (we will never sell Grade C cells) Often used in cheap pre made lifepo4 battery packs as once the case is closed how would you know...

Cell grades are nothing to get confused or worried about but it is useful information to have when making a decision on what you need for your application, just remember, there are thousands of different traditional battery manufacturers with varying grades of quality and cost, this is no different.

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