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Our biggest yet smallest battery yet!





Nominal Voltage - 12.8V
Nominal Capacity - 340ah
Nom Watt-hour - 4352wh
Charge Voltage - 14.0V - 14.2v (14.6v max)
Float Voltage - 13.5V
Absorption time - 60-120mins
Charge current - 1-150A max
Continuous Discharge - 250A max 
Duty Cycle -  200A 100% 250A 50%
Operating Temperature -
Charge: 0°C to +50°C
Discharge: - 20°C to +50°C
Terminals M8

Built in BMS

Dimensions 367mm L 188mm W 275mm H
Weight 29kg
Case material ABS
BMS App – JK BMS Playstore/App Store


12V 340AH LiFePo4 Lithium Battery

  • Returns and Refunds of suspected defective products

    If the consumer suspects they have received a damaged or defective product within the stated warranty term they should make contact via email immediately and suspend any further use of the product.


    The consumer will be required to return the defective item back to base for thorough testing and assessment.


    Once testing is completed, if it is deemed the product is defective and not damaged from misuse, the consumer will be supplied a replacement at no cost.


    Warranty on cells is void if an appropriate BMS is not being used


    Warranty on cells is void if High/Low voltage safety parameters are set outside of the cells safe working limits


    Voltage fluctuation between cells in the upper/lower knees of the charge/discharge curve is not a valid warranty claim


    BMS units have specific wiring connections, if instructions are not followed correctly the BMS may emit smoke and will be permanently damaged, this is also not a valid warranty claim


    Change of mind returns and refunds will not generally be accepted

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