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What is a BMS?
And why do I need one?

As I'm sure your well aware Lithium batteries have a plenty of advantages over traditional battery chemistry's you may be used to. They’re more compact, more efficient, charge faster, and have a longer lifespan, not to mention the weight saving. However, they’re susceptible to conditions that can damage the battery pack and cells within. Making the most of all of this potential requires lithium batteries to be a little more complex and include systems to help avoid these damaging conditions. This is the primary purpose of the BMS, which means a battery management system

BMS units are quite an amazing piece of electronic engineering, the unit will monitor the health of every cell in the pack, shutdown charge/discharge if any particular cell falls outside of safety parameters, monitor the temperature of the pack and shutdown accordingly, and prevent over charging/discharging your pack, most units on todays market have at minimum a passive balancing system also, all of these features and plenty more keep your battery as safe as possible. I'll bet some of you are reading this with dead lead acid batteries wishing it had the same technology to protect it...

In summary

BMS systems are crucial to the longevity and safety of your lifepo4 battery system, without one, your cells will fail prematurely.


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