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Nominal Voltage - 25.6V

Nominal Capacity - 560ah

Nom Watt-hour - 14,336wh

Charge Voltage - 28.0V - 28.4v (29.2v max)

Float Voltage - 26.8V

Absorption time - 60-120mins

Charge current - 1-200A max

Continuous Discharge - 200A max (350A 30s) 

Operating Temperature - Charge: 0°C to +50°C Discharge: - 20°C to +50°C

Terminals M8

Built in BMS


Dimensions 76cm L - 44cm W - 26cm H

Weight approx 95 kg

Case material - Fabricated Aluminium

BMS App – JK BMS Playstore/App Store



Generally 1 week lead time

Nz Lithium 24v 560ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

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